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Fun Indoor Activities to Engage Your Child

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Your children are the most important person to you because all the effort you put into your work is because you want to give them the best of things that you can afford. You want them to have a better childhood than yours not because you had the worst childhood, but it gives you the joy to see your children enjoying their childhood more than you did. Your children need your attention as much as you have a busy schedule and deadlines to meet. They need you to spend time with them. You get to know your children better when you spend time with them. You can have fun with the children indoors if you do not have time to take them out but ensure that you take them out once in a while to change the environment. There are fun activities that you can engage your children when they are indoors, you can learn more from this site.
Waste paper shoot out is not only a game but also an exercise that will teach your children to have better coordination of the eye and their hand. Take a waste bucket if you do not have more than one. Let's sit in front of the children at a distance. Give them a stack of paper and help them crumple it. The children should shoot as many sheets as they can alternatively within a limited time. The children are alternating because you have one waste bucket, but if you have enough for the number of children you have, each child will have a bucket, and they will be able to play at the same time. You can play music and cheer the children on. Ensure that during each turn of every child, you express the same enthusiasm you had when the other one was playing. Children are competitive because they want to know that they are loved more. The energy you show for every child will convince them that you love all of them equally, which is the truth.

Dance with the children even if you have two left feet. Let them laugh at you because of your poor dancers came. The humorous atmosphere will be their memories to treasure when they are grown-ups. Play yours and their favorite music. Teach them a few dancing steps and allowed them to teach you. Learning as a family makes the bond you share stronger. Do not bring up discussions about the mistakes and punishments you gave them in the past because that is not a fun topic for the children. If you noticed one of them making a mistake that can be ignored, you should do so. Allow the children to think about nothing but having fun with their parents.

Play leg wrestling with your children. Wrestling with the legs is exciting. Allows them to lie on the ground with their heads on opposite ends. The hip should be even. Each child has to lift one leg that is closest to the other person at a 90-degree angle. They should cross their legs with each other. Use something that signifies our go command, such as clapping your hands or using a whistle. Once you blow the whistle, they should try to pull each other leg. The one who manages to put the other two their side is the winner of the game. After the game, you can teach the children the moral values that they should learn from it. If you wish to find out more, be sure to check with CityGirlGoneMom.

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